Welcome to Stavsudda Handel

Norra Stavsudda is a small island, situated in the beautiful mid-region of Stockholm's archipelago.
Situated northeast on Norra Stavsudda you will find our grocery store well stocked with fresh foods and hardware. Our harbor offers plenty of free docking places with petrol, diesel,fresh water, paraffin and propane available for you. Naturally we accept most credit and bankcards.

During summertime we also invite you to try our delicacies in the cozy fully licensed restaurant right on the quayside with view over the boats. We offer a mixed archipelago inspired menu. Restaurant open June-August.

Start your archipelago paddling here!

Stavsudda Kayak Depot offers you the perfect solution if you want to paddle in the heart of the archipelago and avoid expensive and time consuming transportation. You will have immediate access to fantastic paddling waters and within short reach there are excellent possibilities for camping or if you prefer the hostel alternative. Most of the the camping sites have dry closets and some also offer saunas. Möja, Svartsö, Lådna, Träskö-Storö/St. Kalholmen, Gällnö and Ingmarsö are beautiful islands well worth a visit, all within a days paddling tour. Two-days of paddling will take you to the outskirts of the archipelago with its unique islands.  Just contact us with your preferences and we will help you! The kayak depot is open from june til october. E-mail us on kajak@stavsudda-handel.se.

Our accommodations;

On the island Svartsö (about 7km north of Stavsudda), you will find our newly built (2014) Svartsö Archipelago Hotel & Hostel.

The plant consists of two accommodation longhouses and a main building, (total of 600m²).

In the accommodation houses, you find 26 guest rooms with space for 60 guests, divided into mainly double rooms with private entrance and WC-toilet. Half of the rooms have their own shower, these rooms, we have chosen to call the Archipelago Hotel: Hotel standard room, beds, departure cleaning and breakfast.

In the rooms we call Hostel, you can hire linen, book breakfast and departure cleaning.
In the Collection House's you find common room, guest kitchen, Rwc, showers, group room, kiosk/Café and reception.

Stora Kalholmen Hostel

Stora Kalholmen is quite a small island with the hostel as the only large building.
The main building is located in beautiful surroundings on a cliff with views over a sheltered bay.
The bay is a popular natural harbour, for leisure boats with a depth of 180 cm.

The whole island is a nature reserve and was the Archipelago Foundation’s first acquisition in the Stockholm archipelago

The hostel is around 300m from the steamboat jetty in the middle of the island. There is a small child-friendly beach in the bay. On the eastern side of the island there are cliffs for swimming. The island’s most important attractive and asset is its nature and wonderful sunsets. It is possible to rent canoes/kayaks, we have a small kiosk and there is also a very popular sauna for hire.